Designed for Urban DH.

The concept bike Canyon Orbiter is ‘The Future Of Urban Gravity Biking’ according to its designer. It’s certainly really cool looking anyway!

>>> Grand Theft Auto on bikes meets Urban DH

The Orbiter has been designed by Daniel Frintz. The bike is part of his bachelor thesis. The name of the game was to remove or greatly reduce all the common mechanical or maintenance issues that mountain bikes can have. There are even sensors fitted into the bike at various places to detect potential defects or damage and alert the rider accordingly.

A lot of the usual components and parts have been removed. Everything from the suspension units to the drivetrain has been integrated. Oh, and the suspension is an infinitely adjustable ‘electromagnetic’ affair with ‘freely selectable spring characteristic’ and ‘low maintenance’.

It’s an e-bike. Both the front wheel and the rear wheel have ‘power transmissions’, with each one capable of delivering different outputs according to what the bike’s brain thinks is best. It’s even claimed to sport some sort of traction control system.

At this stage it’s unclear whether the bike exists outside of a computer screen. Having said that, some of the pics do look to be real world photographs as opposed to CGI.