Meet the new Boss. Not the same as the old Boss.

The 2017 Calibre Bossnut V2 will have a longer reach, shorter stem, more tyre clearance, stiffer rocker linkage and an even more impressive spec.

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Earlier this year we brought you details of a limited edition Bossnut called the Calibre Beastnut. That bike was longer, slacker, ran a bigger fork and had a stiffer back end.

So perhaps it’s not a huge surprise to see that the regular Bossnut has been rejigged along similar (ie. exactly the same) lines. This is actually what Calibre said all along actually so kudos to them for being transparent about such things.

The key difference is that the higher spec and price of the Beastnut really. The Bossnut V2 will still be £999.00 (instead of £1,300 for the Beastnut).

calibre bossnut v2

Game changer

The original Bossnut – now known as the Bossnut V1 we guess – was something of a game changer. Bargain sub-£1000 full sussers were nothing new but previously they’d always had some sort of weakness or issue. Usually sub-par old-fashioned geometry and finishing kit. The usual barge-length stems, narrow handlebars and ropey tyres.

The Calibre Bossnut V1 wasn’t like that. The Bossnut was scarily just like an expensive bike in terms of geometry and handling. It just weighed a bit more. It was pretty much the only £1k full susser we ever recommended over a £1k hardtail.

calibre bossnut v2

As well as the new Bossnut V2 having a longer reach, a shorter stem, a new stiffer rocker link that makes it possible to easily run 2.35″ tyres with good clearance. On a related note, the wheel rims are now wider WTB tubeless-ready rims to give wider tyres a better profile.

Calibre Bossnut V2 geometry and spec sheet

calibre bossnut v2

Moons on sticks

With our totally unreasonable heads on, here are some wishful thoughts… It’s still not 1×11 (it’s a 2×10 drivetrain). Though wider, WTB ST i25 and 2.3″/2.2″ spec tyres aren’t that big. QR rear axle, not bolt-thru. No dropper post. 760mm wide bars are *just* about acceptable width.

Still, it’s a flipping bargain bike that’s just got even better. Well done Calibre!