Black Mountain Bikes are kids’ bikes that transform as your child grows. One bike that gets bigger and sprouts pedal drivetrains as time goes by.

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Black Mountain Bikes need to know

  • Innovative ‘growing frame’ design
  • 3 bikes in 1: balance bike and two pedal bikes
  • Proportionally scaled components
  • Belt drive
  • Pinto 14in wheel for 3-5 year olds (5.7kg)
  • Skog 16in wheel for 5-9 year olds (6.1kg)
  • Both £329

Black Mountain
PIC © Andy Lloyd

All Black Mountain Bikes (there are two models currently) begin life as a balance bike, then sprout pedals and a drivetrain and finally their top tubes lengthen. There’s a bit more to it than that but that is the essential concept. Three bikes in one basically.

Black Mountain’s first two models are the Pinto (approx. age range 3–5 years, replacing both a traditional 12” and a 14” bike) and Skog (5–8 years, replacing a traditional 14” and 16” bike) address these issues in new and exciting ways. Both bikes can be set up in either Balance, Small Pedal or Large Pedal mode, which means that the bike’s life is extended and that you get three bikes in one.

Mode 1: Balance bike

The bike starts life as a small lightweight balance bike.

Mode 2: Low geared pedal bike

Install the ‘PowerPack’ (AKA belt drive drivetrain) and the bike becomes a small frame with easy low gear.

Mode 3: Longer pedal bike with higher gear

Adjust the frame (uncouple and lengthen top tube) and drivetrain (stick bigger chainring on) to transform the bike into a larger pedal bike with a bigger gear.