Learn how to be a better rider on some of the best trails in Wales


One of the few things missing from the Bike Park Wales experience is the opportunity to be taught new skills. With the launch of a new coaching programme, all that is set to change.

The skills training has been designed specifically for Bike Park Wales by Ian Warby and Richard Kelly of B1ke, and utilises the foundations of the CTC coaching award with a bespoke element. Fundamental skills are broken down into key elements and the extensive use of video analysis helps you to see exactly what you are doing.

Initially the following courses will be offered, along with one-to-one coaching and private tuition. Each course is tailored to the group ensuring all riders take away the skills they need to improve.

The Courses

1. Park Essentials and Core Skills

Ideal for first time bike park riders but by no means only for beginners. We will coach you through the fundamental techniques required to have you descending safely and with confidence.

2. Rhythm and flow

Have you ever wondered how some riders manage to carry more speed and ride with seemingly less effort and more confidence? This course holds the answers. If smooth confident and efficient riding over all terrain is your goal look no further.

3. Carving Corners

Often a neglected skill in favour of drops and jumps, however corners can be the most fun part of a trail. Come and learn to ride faster and smoother round corners.

4. Drop Zone

Are you taking the chicken line or walking round drops? This module helps you take the next step and will help you to develop confidence to land softly and smoothly.

5. Jump Starter

From small tabletops to large gaps, get the technique right and you can build up to safely tackle larger features with new confidence.

6. DH Race Improver

Want to get your head in the zone and knock seconds off your time, this course will help you do it!

Sessions are available to book immediately on the BikePark Wales website with the first sessions starting as soon as Friday 27th June.

To book online and find out more visit www.bikeparkwales.com/coaching