An active spider could make for better small-bump sensitivity through your e-bike rear-suspension.

Italian mountain bike component brand, OChain, has a new product to make your dual-suspension e-bike feel even livelier.

Design engineers at OChain specialize in reducing chain growth and pedal kickback – both of which are sacrifices of having a dual-suspension bike, with a tensioned drivetrain.

The compression action can be a lot more active by reducing chain feedback through a dual-suspension bike’s rear kinematics. Especially relating to small bump terrain, on any given trail.

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If it works for Gwin…

Having a freer moving rear-end has long been championed by boutique frame brands such as Zerode and Nicolai, using gearbox drivetrains to achieve this goal.

The OChain-E is a new chainring spider that takes the ‘chainless’ suspension theory and applies it to e-bikes.

Any rider who has watched footage of Aaron Gwin’s remarkable chainless victory at the 2015 Leogang World Cup, will know that much lower chain tension equals better rear suspension performance.

There might be a climbing benefit, too

E-bike owners seeking enhanced suspension action on chunky descents can match the OChain-E with Bosch’s Performance Line XC motor, or the Specialized’s Turbo Levo’s Brose mid-drive unit.

The design uses a selection of springs and elastomers, to separate suspension forced from an e-bike’s drivetrain. Rearward rotation is set to 9-degrees, which should make your suspension feel plusher and help mid-drive motor software anticipate torque requirements better when climbing.

Weight? The OChain-E spider is 148g and should be available from early 2022.