Yes, we know you’ve already seen this. Heck, this clip went so viral that your nan and your dog have probably seen it, but that’s not to say it’s not well worth another watch.

Aaron Gwin did what many would have thought was impossible and won a downhill mountain bike race without using a chain. What makes this even more impressive is that the Leogang track on which he won is notorious for having a glut of pedally bike park sections.

Gwin qualified first but his chain  broke straight out of the gate and most people assumed that cruel fate had ruined his race weekend. However he left a global audience shocked when he reached the second split within a second of hot seat holder Connor Fearon.

He gobbled up this advantage over the final third of the track and rolled across the line 0.045 seconds faster that Fearon. It was the narrowest winning margin of the year but it was enough to cement this run as one of the greatest ever seen on a downhill mountain bike.

It’s times like this we wish we could see full runs from the World Cup circuit but for now we’ll have to settle for these highlights that are made all the better for Rob Warner’s crazy commentary.