Ten years of ebiking. Not many other companies can say that.

New Bosch Performance Line CX ebike motor is much smaller and lighter than the old one and uses a normal chainring. New 625Wh battery too!

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Bosch were one of the very first companies to really get into ebikes. Their first ebike system was debuted in 2010 no less.

This new Bosch Performance Line CX motor and Bosch PowerTube 625 battery is set to be on 2020 model year bikes. Ten years of ebiking. Not many other companies can say that.

Bosch Performance Line CX

Bosch Performance Line CX motor

The new magnesium-housing motor is smaller and lighter than previous CX motors from Bosch. How much smaller? Almost 50% smaller. How much lighter? Around 25% lighter (2.9kg).

The smaller size of the unit affords bike companies to designs ebikes with significantly shorter chainstays; overly long chainstays have been seen as a significant downside of ebike handling.

The new motor gives out up to 340% pedal assist support. And Bosch claim that it reacts to the rider’s pedalling without deceleration thanks to multiple sensor design enabling a more intuitive and sensitive response.

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A new ‘eMTB Mode’ intelligently increases the motor assist based on the rider’s own power, so riders don’t have to change the riding modes manually.

A very appealing feature of the new Bosch Performance Line CX motor is that the motor totally decouples from the traditional bike drivetrain parts when the motor is not active ie. when riding at speeds above 25km/h.

The new motor is also significantly quieter than before.

Direct Mount or 104 BCD standard chainring mounting.

Reduced 175mm Q-factor (distance between the pedals).

bosch performance line cx

Bosch PowerTube 625 battery

New Bosch PowerTube 625 battery has approximately 625 watt hours of energy.

Compact size (416mm x 84mm x 65mm).

3.5kg weight.

Empty PowerTube 625 battery can be charged to 50% in less than 90 minutes and to 100% in about 3.7 hours.

Also available in combination with DualBattery: two coupled batteries delivering 1,250 watt hours.

bosch performance line cx

Smartphone hub and COBI.Bike app

Navigation, music, fitness tracking, phone calls, Strava, Komoot, Spotify, Audible and more.

Fear not though, your precious smartphone can also be stowed off-bike (in jersey pocket or backpack), whereupon riding data will then be displayed on Bosch 1.52in LCD.

Smartphones (or indeed any USB powered devices) can be charged from the battery.

USB port also allows bike shops to connect to Bosch diagnostics.

bosch performance line cx

FOX E-Live Valve can also be controlled via the on-board computer. Power is supplied by the Bosch eBike battery.

Anti-tuning software

One regular controversy regarding ebikes is the ability and relative ease of being able to remove their speed and power restrictions via dodgy dongles purchased online from eBay and such like.

The new Bosch system has built-in anti-tuning measures.

This is Bosch’s response to a requirement included in European standard (EN 15194: 2017) for ebikes.

Bosch explain: “Bosch eBike Systems has developed software that uses a sensor to detect whether the eBike has been tuned. If the software recognises that the drive has been manipulated, the eBike automatically switches to limp home mode. Consequence: an error code in the display indicates manipulation and electric support is reduced. The cyclist can restore the original riding settings by riding the eBike for around 90 minutes. As soon as the system returns to normal mode, however, the manipulation check will be repeated. After the third time, limp home mode can only be deactivated by a specialist dealer using the Bosch DiagnosticTool. This reduces riding enjoyment and discourages manipulation. The software will be installed in all Bosch eBike drive systems from model year 2020 onwards. Specialist dealers can use the Bosch DiagnosticTool to detect manipulation of the eBike, even if the tuning kit was previously removed. The dealer can see whether the eBike has been tuned and how often.”

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems: “If cyclists tamper with their eBikes by tuning them, thereby risking possible accidents and injuries, this will give rise to policies that include more stringent regulations and future bans. This would cancel out the benefits that all other eBike fans are able to enjoy. Tuning is completely unnecessary for fully enjoying everything that eBikes have to offer. On the contrary: any tuning ruins the real fun of it all – whether on a relaxed cruise, or pursuing sport riding fair and square.”