Hyperrides, slanted headsets, Ron Burgundy bikes, banana hands and more

Hyperrides, slanted headsets, Ron Burgundy bikes, banana hands and more. These are the best things we’ve seen this week.

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Angle-adjust headsets for integrated head tube frames

If you have a Santa Cruz, or a Yeti, or a Specialized, the good news from 9point8 is that you can now get an agle-adjust headset to fit your bike. SRP $99.

New edit from Mike Hopkins

Diamondback Bicycles: “Think of all those incredibly uncomfortable situations you have found yourself over the years, and they were right there with ya… hell, they were the ones that talked you into it. They have a way of making the unknown something we can’t live without, you could even call them the curators of curiosity. They were the ones that introduced us to skids and wheelies, and the long way home. They are the master manipulators of “Just a bit Further”, that can’t even spell “Straight and Narrow”. They are our best friends and worst enemies, the curious, the wild, the irrational voices of awesome… The Spirit of Adventure!”

2021 Yeti SB140 T2 in Ron (Burgundy) colourway

New colourways from Yeti

2021 sees Yeti Cycles celebrating 35 years of mountain bike production. As well as new models like the Yeti ARC and the Yeti SB 115is, there are some cool new colourways that have been added to the range.

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Wheels, £400

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great set of aftermarket wheels, Hunt proved that with its superlative Trail Wide design, blending low weight and great feel at a measly £370. Now Nukeproof hopes to do even better, with version two of its Horizon wheels – the price has crept up by £50 over the originals, but so has the tech you get.

There’s a completely new, machined hub at the heart of the Horizon V2, a three-pawl system with 102 points of engagement, or every 3.52°. That means when you come to pedal, pickup from the hub should be practically instantaneous – compare that with Novatec hubs, used by Hunt, that feature engagement every 4.3°.

The rim is new too, sleeved rather than welded and made from something Nukeproof says is “dynamically aged magnesium-silicon enriched alloy.” The brand says it’s the perfect blend of stiffness and hardness you get from 7-series aluminium, and the ductility of 6-series. We’ll have to let you know what we think about it later in the year after a full review.

Nukeproof has kept the same rim profile front and rear, and the same 32 J-bend spoke count too, meaning it hasn’t tried to tune the wheels differently to be more or less compliant. Instead you simply get a thicker sidewall at the back to better take a beating. Inside they measure 30mm, which puts them bang on trend for 2.3-2.6in tyres.

Interestingly, Nukeproof isn’t selling the Horizon V2 as a pair, instead you buy the front £150) and rear (£250) separately, the logic being its easier to get the right hub sizing for your particular bike.

The Horizon V2 comes ready setup with tubeless valves and tape preinstalled. All you have to do it add tyres and sealant. The full gamut of hub options are available, from XD to HG and Microspline, it comes 27.5in or 29er, and Nukeproof says there are spare parts galore. There are silent pawls if you don’t want the usual rear hub buzz, and a 27.5in setup weighs 1,977g with 15mm front, 148×12 rear, including valves and tape.

Plastic fantastic

Deity Defrap, £39.99

Want to try flats? The new Deity Deftrap nylon pedal has a thin, concave profile, sports 10 pins a side (eight steel, two nylon), is fully serviceable, and sealed with two bearings and a bushing, all for under £40.

Wide screen

Funn Soljam, £67.99

The Soljam goggle is a first for Funn, a brand best known for making components it’s now turned its hand to eyewear. The tinted lens has an anti-fog coating, offers wide coverage, is tear-off compatible, and there’s a clear lens included too.

Cleat and cinches

Giro Ventana, £159.99

With its sticky Sensor rubber outsole, nylon shank and injection moulded EVA midsole the Giro Ventana clipless shoe is designed for good grip and power transfer. Features a BOA buckle with 1mm adjustments, and reinforced toe and heel box.

Banana skin

Nukeproof Blackline Vapour glove, £25.00

Designed to fit like a second skin, the Nukeproof Blackline Vapour glove gets a minimal build for maximum feel. Yet it still gets a touchscreen-compatible thumb, suded ‘wipe’ panel amd silicone forefinger for brake lever adhesion.

Blankster wrap

Spektrum Blankster, £119.00

Swedish brand Spektrum designs eco-friendly eyewear, the frames are made from castor oil not crude, and this new Blankster features a wraparound design and a Zeiss Italian-made lens with hydrophobic coating.

Top drawer

Nikwax Cycling Kit, £19.99

Sort your riding gear out with the Nikwax Cycling Kit, the bundle includes Tech Wash, TX Direct proofer, Basefresh deodoriser, Glove proofer, and a 10L dry bag for wet days.

Gravity, rediscovered

Goodyear Newton En Ultimate, £68.00

Goodyear has updated its enduro tyre again, called the Newton En Ultimate it features chunky, square side lugs and lower, siped centre knobs. It uses Goodyear’s tacky R/T rubber compound, comes in both wheel sizes, and 2.4 or 2.6in.

Talon spotter

Granite Talon, £10.95

Clip the compact Granite Talon tyre levers together and hey presto, you’ve made a chain link tool for breaking your chain. Separared, they’re sturdy tyre levers, and there’s even space for spare quick links.

Shed shocker

Millyard Hyperride 2, £priceless

Easily the most out-there shock in the world, the Millyard Hyperride 2 is latterly build in a shed, runs up to 4,500psi, features a phosphor bronze bush, and the steering damper from an old Land Rover.