They are pretty much part of the MTBer's uniform, here's our pick of the best mountain bike knee pads deals from the best online cycling retailers.


They are pretty much part of the MTBer’s uniform, here’s our pick of the best mountain bike knee pads deals from the best online cycling retailers.

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Knee pads are the new helmets. What we mean by this is that it’s now standard to wear knee pads just like it is standard to wear a helmet.

Back in the early days of mountain biking the only protection seen on normal riders was a helmet – sometimes riders didn’t even bother with them! Nowadays knee pads are no longer an unusual sight on trail riders. Indeed, it’s becoming odd to see riders not wearing knee pads.

Regardless whether you like flying down steep, technical trails or you are a rider that takes a more sedate pace, some form of knee protection while riding is a good idea. Even the best riders or the most careful make mistakes and, while most accidents don’t always end up with a trip to A&E, the last thing you want is to curtail a ride because you’ve gashed a knee open.

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Dakine Black Hellion was £60.00, now £47.99

Save 20%! “Dakine Hellion knee pads are packed full of features to not only provide protection on rides, but to also ensure comfort and breathability.”

Buy Now: Dakine Black Hellion knee pads from Rutland Cycling for only £47.99!

7Protection Sam Hill was £79.99, now £63.99

Save 20%! “Designed with valuable feedback from the legend himself, the new Sam Hill signature knee pad is the ultimate knee pads for gravity riding whatever your discipline. Light enough to be worn all day long, the Sam Hill knee pads mould with body heat to provide maximum comfort with a breathable mesh back panel to wick moisture away from the skin.”

Buy Now: 7Protection Sam Hill from Tredz for only £63.99!

7iDP Project Lite was £99.99, now £58.50

Save 41%! “The ultimate pad for riders and racers seeking ultra-lightweight hardshell protection. Maximum comfort and freedom in a serious pad for the committed rider.”

Buy Now: 7iDP Project Lite knee pads from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £58.50!

Troy Lee Designs Raid was £120.00, now £95.49

Save 20%! “These lightweight, durable, easy to wear knee braces will protect your knees when you run out of talent, and give you confidence to ride at a higher level.”

Buy Now: Troy Lee Designs Raid knee pads from Tredz for only £95.49!

IXS Flow Evo+ was £69.99, now £54.99

Save 21%! “The IXS Flow Evo+ knee guards are super thin, light and comfortable for quality protection on your next epic ride. Developed with MTB legend Hans Rey, the Flow Evo+ pads are super compact and can fit in any backpack. Integrated Xmatter padding improves high impact absorption and protection.”

Buy Now: IXS Flow Evo+ knee guards from Tredz for only £54.99!

Sweet Protection Bearsuit Pro was £129.99, now £77.99

Save 40%! “The Pro Knee Pads are zip on-off and made for gravity/DH-style biking where high-level protection is needed. These pads offer the highest level of multi-impact knee protection in a 45-degree 3D anatomical shape. Also includes thermoformed secondary padding for extra protection for the sides and top of the knee.”

Buy Now: Sweet Protection Bearsuit Pro knee pads from Tredz for only £77.99!

mountain bike knee pads deals

Bliss Protection ARG was £89.99, now £59.99

Save 33%! “Flexible shock absorbing ARG knee padding. Shock: Freeze System. Armourgel absorbs and dissipates energy, greatly reducing impact forces transmitted to the body. The special structure of Amourgel allows the material to absorb 80% of the impact energy.”

Buy Now: Bliss Protection ARG knee pads from Tredz for only £59.99!

mountain bike knee pads deals

100% Ridecamp was £52.99,now £41.99

Save 21%! “Lightweight slip-on sleeves. Pre-curved chassis for attack position. Lightly padded nylon anti-abrasion outer skin. Fully perforated neoprene chassis for breathability. Tacky silicone elastic webbing to prevent slippage. Fully ventilated rear mesh for maximum cooling.”

Buy Now: 100% Ridecamp knee guards from Merlin Cycles for only £41.99!

mountain bike knee pads deals

Dainese Armoform was £89.99, now £70.00

Save 22%! “These new articulated hard-shell kneepads developed for the gravity disciplines set a new design language within the Dainese protective gear range. The thermoplastic polyethylene shells ergonomically hug the most impact sensitive areas. Featuring a functional pattern inspired by the fractals principle – nature’s language used to create complex structures – that now becomes Dainese’s protective design code.”

Buy Now: Dainese Armoform knee guard from Merlin Cycles for only £70.00!

mountain bike knee pads deals

Bluegrass Skinny D30 was £89.99, now £64.99

Save 28%! “The premium version of our Bluegrass Skinny pads, enhanced with D3O® shells for a more flexible and safer pad. Guaranteed. The fit is refined with longer, laminated fabric sleeves, bringing excellent breathability and standout stability while pedalling. The shells of our Bluegrass Skinny D3O® pads are also reinforced with Kevlar fabric, massively boosting their durability.”

Buy Now: Bluegrass Skinny D30 knee pads from Merlin Cycles for only £64.99!

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