Yep, probably.

Featuring in next month’s Trail Bike of the Year test, we’ve just unboxed these little beauties.

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They’re all competing in the 29er wheel size category, in our most important bike test of 2017: Trail Bike of the Year.

We have a Cube Stereo 140 C62 SL 29, a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp C 29, Whyte’s T129 RS and a YT Jeffsy CF Comp 1.

1. Whyte’s T129 RS

Just going by eye, that geometry looks spot on, and in the flesh the bike looks pretty flashy.

We reckon the T129 is a stonking bike and has a real chance in our Trail Bike of the Year test, even up against this stellar competition.

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We’re not too sure about the Maxxis Tomahawk tyre though, we reckon they’re great on the rear but a bit loose on the front.

Maybe a High Roller II would have been a better choice? On the back there’s a Crossmark II on the back which should be excellent though.

SRAM-based drivetrains have seemingly been everywhere on complete bikes for years now, but just for variety’s sake it’s good to see something a little different here: Shimano XT.

How about that solid climbing sprocket? And what do you reckon to the three-tone grey colours? (Well, four if you count the chain).

2. Cube Stereo 140 C62 SL 29

Loving the carbon frame on the Stereo 140, that chunky top tube has been lengthened this year and there’s more standover height too.

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The double chainring up front is an odd choice by Cube, in a world that’s largely shifted to single ring designs. But hey, Shimano thinks it’s still worthwhile so we’ll give it a go.

Excuse the huge vertical pic! The best suspension fork on the market with 140mm travel, bar none. It’s the Fox Float 34, and it’s really going to help the Cube soak up rough stuff.

Gratuitous skip shot. From this angle you can see how low the saddle goes, and the wide Boost fork (the rear is Boost too).

3. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp C 29

It’s a perennial favourite, the Stumpy has proven suspension performance and geometry. This is a carbon framed version, and feels like one of the lightest bikes here (although we’ve yet to get it on the scales yet to confirm).

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We had a quick spin around the carpark and got a glimpse of its fun ride characteristics — those short chainstays sure do make it easy to wheelie.

OK, so we may have taken it a little further offroad than the carpark, it’s muddy already.

The SWAT door, and what’s inside: not much so far, just tool roles with nothing in. Easily enough space for food and space to stash your jacket (if it ever stops raining for a minute).

4. YT Jeffsy CF Comp 1

Last up, it’s the YT Jeffsy. And we’ve got to say, this bike is going to take some beating because it’s dripping in top end components. So if the suspension and geometry turns out to be as good as rumoured, we could be onto a winner. Carbon frame…

Carbon rear triangle…

Carbon wheels…

Carbon cranks…

And a carbon handlebar

Keep an eye out for the next issue of mbr magazine that will have the big Trail Bike of the Year feature in it.

We’re off out to braaaarp our heads off now. Bye!