Crash reels are ten a penny on the internet but this nigh-on eight minute epic from the BCpov crew is one of the best compilations we’ve ever seen.

Crashing is a fact of life. As the saying goes, if you never crash you ain’t riding hard enough, dude. Everyone crashes. Even the Holy Gwin stacks it occasionally.

Pretty much all of the 12 classic mountain bike crashes we’ve all had are included and there are some brand new and highly inventive new style of crashing included here too. Bonus!

There’s the running-away crash, the ill-advised tripodding bail-out, the dive-into-shrubbery, plenty of tree-punching and even the GoPro gimbal takes a dive at one point.

Perhaps the best aspect of this edit is that it mixes in plenty of really nice looking riding and a few other non-crash moments that really give the impression that BCpov are having a blast on their bikes 24/7/365, as they say.

They should have been included in our recent 12 mountain bike YouTube channels you need to subscribe to rundown… but they weren’t. Sorry about that.

Video description

BCpov: “It’s been a great year, but not without a few crashes and some other funny moments! Thanks for a great year! Keep any eye out for my best moments of 2017 next week!”