Kill your television

TV is dead. Long live YouTube. And seeing as you’re a mountain biker you need to know what channels you should be following.

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Chances are whilst everyone else in your household is watching soaps or soccer, you’re watching MTB YouTubes on your phone. If you’ve not found them already, here are the best 12 mountain bike YouTube channels to subscribe to get you started

For each chosen channel we’ve embedded one of each channel’s most popular videos so you can get a taster of what sort of vids they do. Enjoy!

Our favourite mountain bike YouTube channels

1. Nate Hills

AKA Follow Cam Friday. Pro rider Nate Hill does do plenty of other format-type videos on his channel but it’s his much-loved Follow series that hit the mark every single time. Ideal pre-weekend stoke fodder.

2. Seth’s Bike Hacks

Seth’s YouTube channel has a great mix of advice, famous hack tips and tutorials but we reckon his best work are his funny high-concept ill-advised have-a-go edits where he tries to do something on a bike that he probably shouldn’t.

3. Trail Peek

Warning: this channel can make you extremely envious. Californian dude brothers Dane and Zach do POV like no one else. Partly helped by the trails being fish-in-a-barrel amazing in the first place but also because they know how to shoot and edit.

4. 50to01 TV

Even if you can rarely tell what they’re saying – Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland especially – there’s something essential and inspiring about the rough and ready 50to01 videos. It takes loads of talent and equal amounts of motivation to make videos like these. Rad riding and cool ideas trump fancy cinematography every time.

5. Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim is making more enduro and trail riding videos and although they are all well worth watching, it still feels like Sam’s heart belongs on the street. Street trials done with just the right mix of BMX thrown in.

6. Harry Main

Harry Main made his name – and his YouTube fame – by those little bikes on dinky wheels called BMXs. For whatever reason – mainly he just felt like it – Harry has adopted mountain biking into his repertoire and the resulting new bunch of videos are a fantastic mix of watching someone supremely talented trying to learn a new form of riding.

7. Biking With Bobo

Bobo is slightly non-PC at times but he usually stays on the right side of boorishness. And if you look closely you can see his tongue in his cheek and a glint in his eye.

8. Skills With Phil

This channel is everything brilliant about YouTube. Phil arguably wouldn’t have made it on a traditional broadcasting medium due to a mild speech impediment which may have kept him at bay. And the world would have been robbed of such gold as the ‘Supermarket vs Downhill Course’ video above.

9. Will Easey

One to watch, in every sense. Young master Will rides for Cotic and although he only has a small number of subscribers at the moment we expect him to pile on the followers during 2018 if he continues making rad Brit bangers like this one above.

10. UCI

Not an especially rad or lolz-based choice but if you want to keep up with all things racing on two wheels and pedal pushing you really do need to click on the Subscribe button for the UCI channel.

11. Ali Clarkson

A trials rider who isn’t annoying to watch. Some of his bikes may look typically ugly and gawky – like all proper trials bikes do – but Ali is always watchable and informative and entertaining.

12. Mountain Bike Rider

AKA mbr AKA us. This year we’ve definitely upped our focus on YouTube. Please click on the Subscribe button and we promise to keep you entertained and informed with a mix of practical how-to manuals, buyers guides and the occasional daft video, just because.

So there you have it. You can safely unplug your telly and hurl it out of the window Ozzy Osbourne style. You’ll not regret it. Well, you will actually, so don’t throw your TV anywhere. Just turn it off and stare at your phone or tablet instead. Cheers!