Baby on board

Having a baby can often eat in to your valuable riding time (and budget). To ease those worries here are the pieces of kit that can double up as baby essentials and mountain biking accessories:

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Wet wipes

Cleans anything from chains to muddy car seats, and even babies sometimes. Essential après-ride gear and for pre-ride fettling.

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Miracle cream to soothe baby rash, Sudocrem also works wonders on gravel rash, wounds and, of course, down-below chafing.

Microwave steam steriliser

Perfect for sterilising water bottles, formula milk bottles and your hydration pack reservoir too. Best leave your helmet liner out though.

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Big car

Essential for pushchairs and supermarket car parks, big cars are great for mountain bikes too. Baby sick on the seats also means mud is less frowned upon.

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Early mornings

OK, not strictly gear: waking at silly-o’clock in the morning to feed a baby? You might as well go for a ride afterwards.

Have you used any other products for your kids as well as your bike? Let us know in the comments below.