We love seeing some young blood injected into mountain biking and these guys are about as young as they get. Eliot and Marti are pint-sized pinners that clearly have a blast on their Commencal Ramones 12 balance bikes.

This video shows them tackling rocks, staircases and even building their own Rampage-style lines. We do love the fact that Commencal decided to use Morricone for the soundtrack to this video though, it adds a bizare sense of epic-ness to the kids’ antics.

A balance bike is a bike specifically designed for toddlers and allows them to get used to the feeling of riding a bike while still being able to safely put their feet down at all times. They don’t have pedals so the kids propel themselves by running along. Commencal reckons kids as young as two can use a balance bike to start learning to ride.

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The Ramones 12 is a cut above most balance bikes and seems to be specced for mountain biking specifically with a disc brake (although you’d better watch out for tiny fingers in that), mountain bike bars and a mountain bike stem – it even has a World Cup downhill bike colour scheme.

The Ramones 12 will cost £132.50 and we did notice how Commencal released this video just in time for Christmas…

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