"Only ridden hand full of times make me an offer"

A bike sale on American floggit site Craigslist has gone viral, as they say. Is the headline description truthful or a stunt to generate some attraction?

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Whether the axe wielding girlfriend tale is true of not or the listing is a stunt for what is essentially a parts sale is by the by. The listing is certainly one of the most viewed on Craigslist in the past twenty four hours.

The listing description is rather brief: “Girl friend axed gram in several pieces, so frame is junk . All other parts are good and like new bike was only ridden hand full of times make me an offer”.

The brevity of the description makes us wonder a bit. If this was ruse to drum up some interest in a components sale then you’d think the seller would put a full list of the stuff on there, wouldn’t you? We don’t think it’s a stolen bike (hacked in bits to free it from a U-lock) unlike some forum commenters have said. If you’d nicked this bike you’d strip it and list the parts separately. You wouldn’t list it on Craiglist with such clickbaity title.

What do you think? Did the guy’s girlfriend really axe up his pride and joy? If not, why was this done?