Fifteen minutes ahead of nearest rival.

Tracy Moseley has extended her lead to an impressive fiveteen minutes after five days of racing at the Andes Pacifico enduro in Chile.

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  1. Tracy Moseley 169:55.60
  2. Emily Slaco 184:27.88
  3. Florencia Espiñeira 184:32.95

Pic: Jonatha Jungue

Report from the Andes Pacifico team

After 5 days of intense racing the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2017 got to the end when we arrived at the amazing and beloved Pacific Ocean.

On this 4th edition 87 was the number of riders that got to complete this challenge where we where able to record in our memory images of unimaginable landscapes and trails.

The fifth and final day took place on Pullally-Cachagua where local people surprised us with their amazing trails.

Pic: Jonatha Jungue

In women’s category the multiple champion Tracy Moseley took the crown for second year in a row with a time of 169:55.60. In second place stood the Canadian Emily Slaco with a time of 184:27.88 who was escorted by the Chilean Florencia Espiñeira who manage to go from less to more with a time of 184:32.95.

The contest for the final was complex, specially due the fight for the third and fourth place of the the overall given by Milciades Jaque, Francois Bailly-Maitre and Pedro Ferreira who had very stretch times in between. Any mistake could change the results and turn the table.

The first stage of the day took the riders into the middle of a sinuous native forest of almost 5 min long of pure joy descend. The winner of this stage was Jerome Clementz followed by Andres Bretas and Milciades Jaque.

To get to the second stage of Pullaly everyone had to push their bikes up the hill for half an hour, with the reward of getting once again an amazing trail that left all participants with a smily face.

This time the winner was the French man Yoann Barelli followed by Jerome Clementz and in third place and only 3 seconds behind Santiago Pérez who ended his performance with a big crash that we where able to watch on front row!

After this stage was over, riders had the time to enjoy the last lunch of the Andes Pacifico which as always was already set with great sandwiches, fruit, brownies, chocolates and SIS isotonic.

Pic: Jonatha Jungue

After Pullally, trucks took the whole group to Papudo where we could admire the Pacific from above. From there, riders had to go down through the final stages to finally get to the “finish line”.

Third stage led the riders through forest with mixed terrain. This stage was won by Pedro Ferreira whom also got the title of “most winning stages racer” of the complete race (5 stages) followed by Francoise and Jerome.

The fourth and final stage was a very entertaining one with some amazing turns over leaf dirt where the fans had come to encourage the riders. It was pretty exciting to had all that support from the expectators who had walked to that unknown spot in the cost mountains. The winners of this stage where Francois, Pedro Ferreira and Jerome.

This last day was leaded once again by Jerome Clemetnz followed by Pedro Ferreira who got to took off 2 second from Francoise Bailly-Maitre, but at the end that time wasn’t enough to take his third place because he still had 4 seconds diference.

Pic: Jonatha Jungue

The mens final qualy had no variations at all from the day defore, so the French man Jerome Clementz was able to claim his tittle for the second time with 145:53.29.

Once again we are proud to have a Chilean in the podium, Milciades Jaque who last year got the fourth place, now took the chance by giving his all, which led him to the second place with a score of 146:43.43 and an amazing race in which he was able to lead in fourth day.

François Bailly-Maitre, last year winner, took the third place with a time of 147:13:72 followed by the Chilean Pedro Ferreira with 147:18.67 and Mark Scott in the fifth place with 148:59.82.

Master category was led by Latin American riders whith our Chilean legend Felipe Vasquez took the title with a time of 166:34.43, followed by the Argentinian Maximiliano Grappiolo with a time of 186:08.08 and finaly in third place stood the Peruvian downhill legend Eduardo Stein with a time of 187:44.56.

For first time this year we created a Amateur Category which was very well received by riders and the winner was the Santa Cruz Team Manager Allan Cooke with a score of 161:26.08. In second place stood the Chilean enduro trainer Juah Hagn with a time of 168:58.74. The Amateur podium was completed by Chris Mandell with a time of 169:22.34.

Once the race was over, riders got to the final camp in Cachagua where they were able to enjoy of the beach and a huge barbecue with Kross beer and some piscolas #nopisconodisco