Some n-ice kit

You may think that Ice Bike is a funny name for a trade show in the Milton Keynes football stadium in February, but it’s now in its tenth year so it must be doing something right (and you should just be glad we weren’t at the neighbouring Ice Tackle show!).

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Ice Bike is the annual show for Madison, the distributor that supplies Shimano, Gamut, Genesis and more, as well as producing some of its own stuff.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the show and exhibitors took the opportunity to show off some tasty kit. There were new helmets from Madison, Saracen’s first ever ebike, new protection products from Bliss and lots more.

Ice Bike is open free to the public on Saturday and Sunday and will include a visit from Manon Carpenter. If you haven’t been to a trade show before and you’re in area it could be worth a trip to oggle at some nice kit (and bag yourself a few freebies), although you can probably do the whole thing in about an hour. Here’s our highlights of what to look out for: