At £140 for a durable, all-day mountain bike jacket with breathable three-layer fabric, the Madison Addict smashes a few price barriers.

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Madison Addict


  • Great cut
  • Excellent value


  • Could be more breathable


Madison Addict Jacket review


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Although it sports a slightly slimmer fit than the Endura MT500 or Altura Attack 360, we liked the cut from the off and it still offered freedom of movement and room to layer-up underneath. The fabric boasts a good spec, but intelligent use of forward-facing vents at the chest definitely helped moisture management, and with two-way zips you can adjust the gap around your pack’s shoulder straps nicely.
Mesh-backed pockets and a lack of unnecessary features help with breathability, while adjustable hems, cuffs and neck let you seal the weather out when you need to.
The zip-off removable hood is handy if you want to use the jacket for different activities, as long as you remember to do it before setting out on a ride: putting it on or off on a wind-ravaged hilltop didn’t prove to be a practical option. Unless you are double-jointed, you would need to take the jacket off, and that may not be either comfortable or safe in really foul weather.

Madison Addict: unbeatable value

Madison Addict: unbeatable value


This jacket was a good size and easily cinched up over a helmet to provide extra protection when the weather was especially unpleasant.


Weight :572g
Sizes :S - XXL
Colours :red, black, blue