Looking at the top 100 cycling items and - using the deeply scientific method of "would we buy it?" - here's what we reckon are the best sellers that are actually good.


As Amazon Prime Day(s) draws to a close, let’s take a look at the stuff that has sold the most in their cycling department. Do you know what? It’s not actually as awfula collection of bits as you might expect. Amazon has certianly done a much better job of reducing the maount of landfill-bound tat as has plagued Prime Day sales in previous years.

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Amazon’s best best selling Prime Day cycling deals

Looking at the best sellers list it’s full of LED lights, water bottles, GoPro-wannabes and winter weather cycling gloves. We wouldn’t recommend any of these items. Too much of a gamble on no-name cheapo non-brands.

Otherwise though, the best sellers don’t look too awful. Out of the top 100 products listed, there are around 10 are worthy of a punt if you’re on the lookout for that sort of item anyway. Here’s our best of the ‘Best’…

Garmin Edge Explore GPS Bicycle Sat Nav £219.99 £129.00

I actually own a Garmin Edge already and I like it. It’s got a good combination of clarity and navigational information. Controvaersial as it may see, I don’t actually want Ordnance Survey mapping while I’m doing turn-by-turn pre-loaded route navigating. Pared down mapping is where it’s at. View deal

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker £89.99 £69.99

I’ve never owned a techo watch that I could bear havig on my wrist for any amount of time. They have always been hefty, cuff-fouling chucks of hard ot use junk. Neither have I ever bothered with heart rate chest straps. Fitness trackers like this one are different. Compact, unobtrusive, good battery life, good info. View deal

Vandorm Super Lite Alloy Track Pump £17.99 £16.99

It’s a track pump with an alloy body and a no-fiddly-bits bi-valve head. The handle looks chunky enough. I wouldn’t get it if it was to be my one and only track pump (mainly becuase the pressure guage looks a bit fragile and the overall stroke length looks rather modest) but for stowing in the boot of your car or van, for those quick pre-ride (or mid-ride) inflation sessions, these value track pumps are fine. View deal

Gore Wear C3 Gore-Tex Active Jacket £169.99 £104.41

A proper Gore Gore-Tex jacket for around a hudnred quid. What’s not to like? Gore’s Active range of jackets are always nicely minimalist too. They aren’t covered with pockets or zips or cinches or vents – all of which add extra material and seam taping which reduce breathability. Nice jacket at a rarely-seen nice price. View deal

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock £45.00 £39.95

If you’re going to get waterproof socks then you may as well go the whole hog and get ones from the best brand in the biz. And get really long ones. That are also maximum cold-weather friendly. Don’t muck about. If the weather aint’ tat bad, wear normal socks. If you need waterproof socks, go full on. View deal

Muc-Off Athlete Performance Luxury Chamois Cream £22.50 £18.47

Eighteen quid might sound a lot for some bum cream (because it is) but you can persuade yourself by remembering that a tub of chamois cream is something that tends to last you for ages, if you’re a mountain biker. I don’t always use chamois cream but on longer rodes – or rides where you’ll be soaking wet – I often get busy dipping. View deal

Korimefa Kids Helmet £23.99 £22.99

It’s a CE certified skid lid for kids. Plenty of room for stickers. Decent coverage all around the back of the head and temples. Unlike some super cheap pisspots, there is a retention dial band at the back. No doubt the helmet also runs on the warm side like all skate-style helmets, so will help keep the “I’m cold” moans at bay. For a while anyway. Quite a few different colourways available as well. View deal

Note: These deals don’t last forever

The intrinsic nature of Prime Day sales is that they don’t last forever. They are on for a limited time; either the stock sells out and there’s none left in your size, or the price goes back up again once the sales promotion is over. In other words, check the date/time when this story was published (see top of page, publication dates is listed next to the author name) to see when these deals were announced and act fast.