How to ride down steps: just turn them into one giant wallride


This is how to ride down steps. BMX riders Luc Legrand and Erik Elstran turn a curved stairs in Belgrade into a giant curved wallride in this amazing little video.

Shot by Hadrien Picard for Dig BMX, Luc amd Erik make it look easy, artfully dodging a drain pipe and successfully avoiding braining themselves on the low, subterranean roof.

It’s not the lack of helmet on Luc Legrand that really terrifies us by this, or the dangerously colourful shirts. It’s that they trickle in at a walking pace and skirt so close to disaster.

Hadrien Picard did say a crash happened during filming: “Luc … wasn’t going fast enough and crashed at the end. I was on the top and just heard a loud sound so I was worried that he was badly injured. Fortunately it was OK.”

Now if they could only pair this with a loop-the-loop like Danny MacAskill’s last year.