Danny MacAskill’s latest mental stunt sees him ride a huge loop-the-loop in front of the London Eye

We’ve learned a lot about Danny Mac from watching his latest video, riding a five-metre loop-the-loop atop a Thames barge and in front of thousands of fans.

Firstly, we’ve been reminded that Danny Mac is absolutely brilliant — we watched this stunt live and it was over in seconds, but the aficionados in the crowd knew they’d seen something special. We also spotted Hans ‘No way’ Rey in Danny Mac’s entourage.


Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Danny MacAskill:

  1. Danny Mac has a new phone, he calls it Cortana and it seems to inspire him to ride new tricks.
  2. Got first bike when he was four, his dad found it in a skip and he started doing drops and jumps right away.
  3. His manager is called ‘Big T’.
  4. He’s booking his holiday, to where though, we do not know.
  5. He definitely does have fear. He says so.

In the November issue of mbr we covered Danny filming and riding for his latest full-length video, The Ridge on the Isle of Skye and you can watch that here.

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