How to save your ride

Riding is fab — except when it’s cut short. So, avoid these dreaded ride-terminators.

Broken chain

How to save your ride chain link

If you’ve managed not to fly over the bars when your chain suddenly snapped, well done! Fixing it without a SRAM Powerlink is a nightmare, so make sure you’ve always got one — zip-tie it under the saddle or under the top cap of the headset.

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Flat tyre

How to save oyur ride flat tyre

Flats will happen — it’s just a matter of time. Taking a spare tube, CO2 cartridge and a pump is a given. Converting to tubeless eliminates the risk of pinch flats (try Stan’s NoTubes conversion kit). Keep your valve caps on too — should your pump break, you can snip the end off the cap and screw it onto the valve, converting Presta to Schrader.

Wonky Wheel

How to save your ride spokes

Whether it’s errant trail rubble or shifting the mech too far by mistake, breaking a spoke is easily done. Don’t bother trying to replace a spoke on the trail — if the wheel’s still rolling, gaffer tape the mangled spokes to a healthy one, out of the way.

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Brake loss

How to save your ride brake pads

Wet days can strip your brake pads to the bone in a single ride, leaving nothing to stop with but sparks. Take spare pads and stash them with your Powerlink.

Tired rider

How to save your ride scran

Even in winter, you’ll probably get tired before the light disappears. You can keep yourself riding for longer, though, with preventative measures.

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Using an energy drink instead of water is probably the easiest and most effective way — try Powerbar Isoactive, which has loads of carbs but not too much caffeine.