In the world of enduro it’s becoming trendy to eschew a backpack full of kit and instead survive on the bare minimum to get you through the day’s riding.

As it’s cumbersome and not very often used, a chain tool may well be something you’d be tempted to leave at home, however the Barstow from Mineral may mean you can still fix a chain without taking up valuable storage space.

The Barstow is built into a bar end plug and simply slides into your handlebar, stored safely until you need to use it. The company is trying to crowd fund it on Kickstarter along with an allen key set that has an emphasis on portability.

Barstow Kickstarter 3

The full Barstow and multi tool set (the Barstow can be purchased separately)

To use the Barstow you will need an allen key to turn the thread but other than that it’s fully functional on its own, it even has a storage space for a quick link. The chaintool itself weighs 40 grams and the end caps weigh 15 grams each bringing the total weigh of the set to 70 grams.

Barstow Kickstarter 5

The Barstow works using an allen key

The end plug is available in red, black or white and will cost you $45 (£31.26) for a set or $60 (£41.68) if you want the neat multi tool as well. The Kickstarter total currently stands at $3,406 out of $20,000 but there are 55 days still to go.

Barstow kickstarter 2

The Barstow fits any width handlebar thanks to an extending wedge

If the product works as described then we quite like this idea. You should definitely have bar ends on your bike so why not make use of them?

For more information go to the Kickstarter page.