Norco creates three new e-bike options, each capable of running a variety of battery packs, offering some tremendous power outputs.

If you are in the market for an e-bike with huge battery capacity, Norco have the you covered. You will ride clean out of Sight with their new 900Wh battery.

The British Columbian bike brand has released redesigned VLT e-bike versions of its popular Fluid, Sight and Range frames. All these new bikes feature e-bike tech from Shimano, with the EP8 mid-drive motor.

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All the Watts

Norco is offering some truly stupendous battery capacities, starting at 540Wh, then upgrading to 720Wh, before peaking at 900WH. And yes, that is the largest battery pack you can get, in an e-bike.

The Fluid VLT is aimed at trail riders and only available as an aluminium frame. It runs a suspension configuration with 130m rear and 140mm up damping up front. Reach is decent for a trail bike, at 470mm on a size large, and all Fluid VLTs sit at a 65° head angle.

Potentially the most popular of these new Norco e-bikes, is the Sight VLT. There are both carbon-fibre and aluminium frame options, and with 150mm of rear-wheel suspension travel and a 160mm fork, these could be ideal all-mountain and enduro-lite bikes.

Geometry numbers on the Sight VLT are very progressive, with a 64° head angle across all sizes, and 485mm of reach, on the large framed chassis.

Norco Range – for the e-enduro crowd

If you dislike waiting in a line at the chairlift, Norco recommends you pedal up to that double-black diamond drop-in point on its new Range VLT.

This is the big-bike amongst its new pedal-assist options, configured around a 170mm coil-shock at the rear and sitting at 63 of head angle, thanks to a 180mm fork. With that much suspension travel, you’d expect a slack head angle and the Range VLT delivers, at 63°

All these new Norcos have 203mm brake rotors at both ends and comprehensive weather sealing for the charge ports, to ensure battery system integrity, regardless of riding conditions.

Big battery – big range

How far does a 900Wh battery pack get you?

Norco conducted some testing of its own, on a challenging route around British Columbia, with the 170mm Range VLT. The result was 39-miles of range, across a route that including a potentially exhausting 11483ft of climbing.

A design feature of these new Norco e-bikes is their shared battery compatibility. Riders can purchase battery packs separately, and tailor energy density to your requirements.