Weapon of choice

You’ve seen the Walken-tastic promo video, now here’s the bike itself: check out the 2019 YT Industries Jeffsy 29 and 27.

>>> YT drop Aaron Gwin and sign… Christopher Walken

Prices start from £2,099 for the entry-level aluminium and top out at £4,799 for the carbon Race version.

From YT…

JEFFSY is here for the good times. And to stay when things get nasty. 

Some encounters change your life. One short moment and nothing is like it used to be. Everything’s better.

You’ll experience this when you jump on the new JEFFSY for the first time: it will make you raise your game and turn you into the rider you always dreamed of becoming; ride every trail the way you always wanted to ride it.

To truly master both the ups and the downs, the new JEFFSY is the most versatile of all the Young Talents. A true all-mountain bike, this light and effective weapon is perfect for flowy singletrack, long backcountry adventures and racing. JEFFSY lets you climb with ease and tackle any challenge on the way back down. Because nothing is like it used to be. The new JEFFSY lets you truly redefine your riding style.

For an ever better riding experience, we have refined our award-winning V4L suspension technology. JEFFSY is very sensitive off the top, with good mid-stroke support and plenty of end-stroke progressivity and an overall poppy character, which gives you a feeling of security when taking on rough terrain and big jumps. The generous amount of anti-squat prevents unwanted suspension movement – the result is outstanding climbing efficiency with neutral suspension behavior.

The new Headbox design increases the stiffness of the steerer tube for an even more direct feel at the handlebars. Technical features like the internal cable routing, the double-sealed bearings or the integrated frame protection underline our commitment to making high-end bikes and help increase JEFFSY’s service life while also contributing to the clean looks and sleek silhouette that undoubtedly make it a YT.

With Fidlock bottle mount it can accept a 600ml (Fidlock) bottle

Here’s the underside of the Fidlock bottle

Beefed up front end

Yep, we’ve ridden it. First thoughts coming soon!

More info coming soon.