Fans of longer reach bikes rejoice

YT Industries unveiled its 2017 bike range today and the carbon YT Capra enduro bike is now available in XL.

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The new XL size is hoped to be “welcome news for any rider who enjoys a bike with longer reach“, according to YT Industries. This larger size addresses pretty much the only criticism of previous Capra bikes.

There might not be a whole load of other changes to the Capra – if it ain’t broke etc – but the new graphics look really good and the new specs are typically impressive.

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As well as an XL size, the carbon fibre YT Capra will be available in a new “very exclusive” version called the CF Pro Race version. Sporting a very eye-catching “Liquid Metal” paintjob, the 2017 YT Capra CF Pro Race will be very noticeable bike out on the trails.

What else is new?

Perhaps the key highlights spec-wise are the e*thirteen carbon wheels on the YT Capra CF Pro Race and the Race Face and e*thirteen dropper posts that feature on all the carbon Capra bikes.

Full spec listing of all the 2017 YT Industries Capra models can be found lower down this page.

YT Industries proudly state: “In general, the new range offers everything that YT has built its name on: from entry-level race rigs for Young Talents to the most exclusive premium builds, there is something here for every budget and every riding style.”

The bikes are available as of now from

2017 YT Industries Capra CF Pro Race – £3,799.00

2017 YT Industries Capra CF Pro – £3,399.00

2017 YT Industries Capra CF – £2,899.00

2017 YT Industries Capra AL Comp – £2,399.00

2017 YT Industries Capra AL  – £1,899.00

And here’s the specs that you all want to see…

2017 YT Industries Capra geometry table

NB: XL size only available on the carbon models.

p.s. the YT Tues carbon downhill bike will also be available in a new XL size.