Slacker, lower, lighter and with a revised suspension feel

The Five has been part of Orange’s range since the turn of the century. It’s their signature bike. If someone has an Orange, chances are it’s an Orange Five. So what’s new on the new one?

It’s still a single pivot like every Five has been but the shock placement has been tweaked and the main pivot and rear swingarm have been changed significantly.

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The new shock layout has the effect of increasing the progression at the end of the stroke. Orange say that the initial stroke should still be supple and the mid-stroke should have a good bit of support in there.


The main pivot is 6mm wider than the previous pivot. The back end is now Boost. Nope, it’s not 27.5+ or a 29er – Orange have used Boost on regular 27.5 wheels because it makes sense for them to do so.


Shorter chain stays (426mm, 5mm shorter than previous Five). Stiffer chain stays. More tyre clearance. Why not go Boost?


Most of the rest of the frame tubes have been reworked too. The frame’s lost a significant amount of weight (400g to be exact). The reworking of the tubes is not so obvious – especially when viewed side-on. When you’re aboard the Five you it’s easier to see the slight narrowing down of top and down tubes.

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The top tube is slightly curved to improve the already generous standover and to allow more people to run 150mm dropper posts.


It’s easy to miss but Orange’s new internal cable routing is a bit neater than in previous years, with fin-shaped rubberised inserts rather than basic lipped o-rings.


The Five is now designed around a 150mm fork. A lot of riders used to put a 150mm fork on previous Fives so Orange thought they should just design the bike around 150mm from the get-go.


Geometry wise the head angle is 66 degrees, the seat angle is 74 degrees. BB height has been lowered 8mm to 333mm. Oh and there’s ISCG 05 tabs around the BB too.



Prices will range from £2,700 to £5,100. More info at

Availability for the 2017 Orange Five is at the end of July.