Follow this step-by-step video to give your C1 brakes a once-over

Formula has been very successful in securing spec on a wide range of new bikes over the last couple of years. Consequently there are a lot of bikes plugging around the trails fitted with its disc brakes. The C1 is the one that’s most frequently fitted by manufacturers, so following a few requests for advice, we’ve decided to put together a how-to for you.

It’s essential that you use the correct fluid for this procedure; using anything other than Dot 4 can cause problems and isn’t recommended. C1s should have a fairly solid lever feel, if they don’t then it’s likely that there’s air in the system and that the brake will still need a bleed.

Bleeding a brake replaces the old fluid — it’s a good idea to do this annually regardless of lever feel — and purges any air from the system. It can be an unnerving task but as long as you think about what you’re doing, take your time, follow this guide and take some basic precautions you’ll have your brakes feeling amazing again on the cheap.