When tree bark bites

For no reason other than sheer schadenfreude here are nine videos of riders crashing into trees.

These will make you think twice next time you’re in the woods. Ouch!

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1. The over excited racer

There’s nothing like the drop in crowd noise once their egging-on results in a massive crash. You can almost here the spectators turning around and walking away whistling to this one.

2. The unexpected backflip bail

This one starts off innocently enough and you think it’s just going to be some lame course run-off slide into a nearby tree. And then it happens. Bonus points for the voiceover explanation.

3. The handbrake

A classic of its type. This rider looks totally in control – stylish even – as he carves his way along the trail. And then the tree has its say. Trees really don’t move do they?

4. When showing off goes bad

You’ll need to once this one again. And again. It happens very quickly right at the start of the clip. A rather unwise little turn-bar in the air leads to a headbutt of epic proportions. Quite impressive that he isn’t knocked out cold.

5. The wrong line


A peculiar one this. This rider seems to handling the berms well and then has a rush of blood to the head and departs the track over the side of a berm. Which is then followed by a rush a head to the wood.

6. I always miss the trees

Not this time lad.

7. Big brother is watching you

Apologies for the crude voiceover to this one. The person recording this film sounds like a bit of an idiot (presumably the rider’s older brother or something?) but there’s no denying the quality of this crash.

8. The shoulder clip pirouette

This rider just isn’t quite looking where he’s going. Looking good up until that point though!

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9. Father of the year award

“Don’t crash into the tree”. You’ll never guess what happens.

10. Boobar boo-boo

GT Bicycles: “Rachelle Boobar on our marketing team had a disagreement with a tree the other day in the office. We are confident she came out a winner.”