Aviemore Spring video sees Danny Mac make a return to some classic street trials riding

After his recent huge hit films involving elaborate stage-sets or precipitous wild country craziness, Danny’s new film – Aviemore Spring – marks something of a return to his roots.

This straightforward streets trials video sees Danny putting his bike handling skills to the forefront and allowing them simply to speak for themselves.

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The press release states: “The sun is out and Danny is wasting no time in starting a new season. The Scotsman does not shy away from bad weather, but when the sun comes out – it’s time to have some fun! His new video titled “Aviemore Spring” is a lively clip buzzing with that springtime feeling.”

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“Filmed in the lovely town of Aviemore in Scotland, Danny MacAskill brings his unique vision of riding back to the streets. Already compared to his breakthrough video “Inspired bicycles” in 2009, fans are excited to see Danny back on the streets doing what he does best. Set to a lively soundtrack, the clip is Danny’s way of telling everyone to get outside and have some fun”

“See you on the streets!”