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Sweeter than honey, the tracks and trails that cross West Somerset’s Quantock Hills are among the finest in the country. And you thought all the best stuff was in Wales, or the north? It’s a compact area — barely more than 10km by 3km — yet there’s a little of everything from sinuous singletrack to broad open jeep tracks; and from relentless long ascents, to short, sharp and very steep drops. There’s no shortage of roots and rock to throw you over the bars, but there are also a few good cruisey sections, where all you need to do push the pedals. If that’s not enough to get you heading there, the scenery’s spot-on, with ocean views from the tops; and the best cafe even has copies of your favourite mag on view!
This route’s a lot tougher than it looks, but it can easily be cut short if your winter legs aren’t back up to full strength yet.