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Starting and finishing just outside Burnley, this month’s Killer uses the dominating backbone and looming wind farm of the Long Causeway to form a kind of wonky figure of eight, with over 1,000 metres of ascending to boot. The route shapes its way round to Coal Clough Wind Farm in a medley of rockery with stream crossings thrown in. Picking up the Causeway it hits the bridleway contours above Todmorden, the trail merging between a gully of dense heather, ancient grit stone packhorse paving, and stepped, lightly-wooded singletrack. Popping out at a golf course a precipitous plummet spits you out in town. Continuing south to Walsden you climb west to the ride’s 454-metre high point. Pitching north from Freehold Top towards Carr and Craggs Moor, a quarry diversion via a steep rocky trail carries you in to the depths of Cliviger Gorge. Ascending out of here on trail upgraded by the Pack Horse Trust, a traverse across Black Scout gets you back to the Wind Farm.