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This is an awkward route to classify. It might only be 14km in length, but it climbs a fairly testing 640m in that modest distance, making it one of the steepest routes we’ve ever featured. And it’s not just the amount of climbing involved, most of which is rideable with grim determination and a modicum of technique; it’s also the nature of the ride, which despite the close proximity of the coast, really is a full-on mountain experience, with a fine summit to accentuate the point. It’s basically one big climb, followed by an equally huge descent; and although it’s steep, and fairly committing, there’s nothing too technical to scare anyone, so we’ve plumped for an Easy grade.
It starts with a short road section to warm the legs up; although it’s a horribly busy road so great caution is required. Then it’s up; first on track, then on a steep and winding mixed bridleway that seems to go on forever. The views over the sea offer some anaesthetic for the pain, and on a good day you’ll even spot the Isle of Man looming on the horizon. Then, all of a sudden, you’re there, and a short final climb will see you tucked down in a small stone shelter for a quick snack before the descent.
The drop’s mainly fast and furious, with little real technical challenge, although all grassy descents are capable of throwing up the odd hidden hole when you least expect it. But it lasts a long time, and will certainly have those braking fingers aching by the time you reach the bottom. It’s not quite over yet: there’s just enough time to enjoy a short, sweet traverse beneath the hill before finally emerging back on the road for a short dash to the finish.