Keep your speed and control by following this advice

Tight corners are hard enough without a drop, rock or root appearing slap bang in the middle of the best line: keep your speed and control like this…

Before the corner

This is the bit that really counts, sort your entry to the corner and the rest suddenly becomes a whole lot easier and quicker. Use the whole of the trail for set-up and try to make the turn as wide as possible, sweeping from one side to the other as you turn. Don’t be afraid to turn across the face of the drop or feature in the middle of the corner.

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Brake early

Do not brake in the corner. It’s so easy and tempting to try and go as fast as possible into a corner, brake too late and end up dragging them round the whole thing. Instead, brake early so you can be relaxed during the turn and give your wheels a chance to grip. A drop will really show up any mid-corner braking, so practise by riding a corner almost slowly at first — chances are you’ll exit faster.


The drop

By now you’ll be rolling nicely into the drop, and with no braking to unsettle things you can just go for it. To get around the corner fast and in control, keep your front wheel on the ground. As you turn into your line look for a good spot to plant your front wheel and go for it. Staying relaxed and letting the bike roll forwards underneath you is crucial. Your body movements must stay dynamic and in time with the trail.

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The apex

Halfway round, you need to be thinking about the exit — get your head up and spot that line. You’ll have had your weight back for the drop, but now you need to get central and push grip through your front wheel again… and don’t even think about touching those brakes.

The next corner?

Let the bike continue on the same arc and you’ll come out of the turn faster. It’s almost as though you need to let the bike run wide and find the other edge of the trail. You’ll feel the bike accelerate under you here, as you boost out of the corner, and it’s one of the best sensations in mountain biking. You’re not done though; you should now be setting up wide for the next corner…