Remember these and you'll sail through anything

Follow these posture tips from the Athertons’ fitness coach Alan Milway and you will instantly ride a bike better. Simples.

Use your trunk

For ultimate control you need to brace your trunk to push, pull and resist forces. If you stick your bum out too far and lean forward onto your wrists, you wont be able to do this, so instead…

Stand tall

Keep your chest up as you look forward, to engage your trunk and keep your
back neutral. Brace your stomach as if you are doing up a pair of skinny jeans and brace your
bum too

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Heads up

Lift your head up and look ahead and well past the apex of the corner
you are about to enter: you’ll gain control. Video yourself to check your head position

Heels down

Drop your heels slightly — keeping the tension here means you can centre your mass, and use your legs to control your position and absorb the shocks and bumps

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Outside pedal

When on loose or flat corners weight the outside pedal to increase grip and traction — video or photo feedback is really useful here to check you’re doing it right