A full guide to cleaning your mountain bike

It’s a dirty job but we’ve all gotta do it – here’s the definitive guide. The best ways of getting the filth off efficiently, easily and with the best results.

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Mud. Although it may seem great to slide around in while you’re out riding, it’s an absolute pain to clean off when you get home.

But cleaning should be about more than simply keeping your frame nice and shiny, it’s actually essential to keeping your bike in full working order. If dust or mud gets in the wrong places it can wear out parts and leave you with a hefty bill.

In the video above our workshop maestro, Al Vines, shows you how to extend your bike’s lifespan while also keeping it looking as good as new.

Even if you think you know how to wash a bike (after all, it’s not rocket science is it?) this quick video is well worth a watch; there are probably one or two little titbits of advice that will help even the most experienced hose pipers.

He talks you through rinsing off the heavy dirt, how to clean the all important hard to reach areas and the ways to cut down on the wear and tear. Pay particular attention to the suspension so you don’t wear out the most expensive, yet delicate, parts of your bike.