Buy one Kona Process, get another free. Seriously. We're not sure whether you'll collect Clubcard vouchers, mind.

We’re no strangers to a BOGOF, it’ll be a sad day when you can’t walk into a supermarket and grab two nets of satsumas for the price of one. But we never expected to see that deal extended to some of the best mountain bikes on the market, but that’s exactly what Kona’s up to with its latest Christmas sale.

That’s right, up until the end of the year if you buy one Kona Process full sus you’ll get another one free of charge. Gratis. For nowt. That means if you want to go for the longer travel Kona Process 153 for those big days in the mountains, you can also get a Kona Process 134 for pootling about your local woods. For bloomin free! And if you’re in the market for last-minute Christmas bargains you’ve not left it too late, we’ve got a smorgasbord of fool-proof goodies that’ll bring a cheer to any mountain biker.

Kona Process 134 DL 29 | Buy One Get One Free

The Kona Process 134 is a little ripper of a bike. During longterm testing over 12 months we put more miles into the bike than was strictly necessary, simply because it proved so much fun to ride. Taut without being harsh or painful, it proved easy to flick around in the woods, but stable enough to master my local bike park. If ever there was a trail bike to do it all, this is it.
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It’s called the Kona N+1 sale, and honestly we’re not sure how Kona has managed this. Is it really that desperate to off-load its stock? Should we just look at this as a 50% off sale? What we do know is it’s a great time to be looking for a bike if you’ve got the cash for it, as there are tons of great deals just like this out right now for Christmas.

The Kona N+1 is also the perfect opportunity for riders with kids who want / need to upgrade the bikes of their continuously growing offspring. OK, I’m talking about myself here, as the father of twin boys I’m always on the lookout for identical bikes to buy them and thereby ward off an argument. But this deal equally well applies to off-spring of different ages because there’s nothing stopping you buying a large in one bike, and a small in another.

Kona Process 153 29 | Buy One Get One Free
The Kona Process 153 is an out and out enduro race bike, it’s at its best smashing through the roughest of trails and taming chatter as it passes under your wheels. That said, we’ve done more than just race on the 153, it’s still playful and responsive enough for real world riding where fun is just as important as fast.
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So here’s how the deal works. Kona says if you buy one Kona Process you’ll receive a second Process of equal or lesser value free of charge. It lasts until December 31 and there may be “some freight or assembly fees”.

Kona Bogof in the UK

In the US it’s simply a matter of dropping the bikes into your basket to net the deal, but it works differently in the UK. 

Place your order online as usual, and pony up the cash for one bike. Then add a note saying N+1 Trail to the order and detail the model and size you’re after as the free bike. Kona will then prepare both bikes and send them out from its warehouse. 

The small print – if you decide you don’t want one of the bikes you’ll have to send both back. And the offer doesn’t work with Cycling to Work scheme or with any other discounts or offers.