Our E-Bike of the Year test winner just got a whole lot more irresistible, with £1,500 lopped off the price of the Turbo Levo Carbon for Cyber Monday

E-bikes don’t come much better than the Specialized Turbo Levo. It uses one of the quietest motors out there, with no annoying rattle on the descents. But it’s also packing serious grunt, with 90Nm of torque and 565w of peak power, and that’s integrated into the neatest and most adjustable chassis available. 

Make no mistake, if you want to buy an e-bike from a bricks-and-motor store and enjoy all the support that entails, there is no better bike for your money than the Turbo Levo. Period. And with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend in full swing, you probably won’t be surprised to hear there’s a great deal to be had on it right now

Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon | Save 28% at Specialized
Was £5,500 now £3,999
Our E-bike of the Year: the Specialized Turbo Levo does everything well, it’s lightweight, packs huge power and range, flatters your riding skills and saves your ass when you get it wrong. Couple that with big-brand warranty and you’re on to a winner.
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How do we know the bike’s so good? We’ve tested it of course. Quite a lot, in fact. It’s the bike I choose to ride on the weekends, and the mileage on my current Turbo Levo stands at 1,500km, but I’ve chalked up probably five times that figure on other test bikes. That’s going on for more than 300 hours of riding time, more than any other make or model of e-bike I’ve ridden.

More importantly, it won our 2023 E-bike of the Year test, dominating the eight-bike shoot-out that was packed out with amazing e-bikes from other brands. The test included former winners like the Trek Rail, the capable Mondraker Crafty, and Whyte’s composed E-160. But the Turbo Levo still managed to power away with the win.

Specialized Turbo levo

Me, in sunnier times! Riding the poshest version of the bike when it launched in the spring

I love it because it’s so easy to ride and the handling is playful – which is perfect for someone who likes to get creative on the trails. The Turbo Levo flatters your skills and eggs you on to push harder and go faster. The size range is an important one for me too, I like a bigger bike than some but I still want to get the saddle low enough to corner in the right position. The Turbo Levo has a comprehensive range of sizes, and the geometry is adaptable to make the most of that too. It also comes with a 700Wh battery, big enough for 99% of the rides I do.

Perhaps the best thing about the bike is the huge discount Specialized has applied currently. We’ve seen good deals on the alloy version of the Turbo Levo, but nothing to match this on the carbon version. This is important because the carbon frame has a great feel to it, and the bike’s light weight really helps make it dynamic on the trails. It also makes it a chassis worth holding on to, and upgrading over time.