Jonny Thompson

Jonny Thompson

Jonny Thompson is head coach for Fit4Racing, an online fitness programme for mtb riders. Once a forensic scientist, Jonny has devoted the last 10 years to coaching athletes from Paralympians to world number one enduro racers. His main focus with the Fit4Racing team is developing and delivering fitness programmes to pro and amateur riders. Training the likes of Adam Brayton, Jonny also sends digital programmes to riders all over the world, many of whom ride professionally.

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What is a micro workout? It is any workout that you can fit into your daily routine in the time it takes to make a coffee. Think of it as…

The tried and tested principals of training remain the same wherever you are. Strength is built with resistance and resistance can come in many forms; in gyms it’s normally barbells…

Want to be a stronger, faster rider? Start deadlifting. Pedal harder for longer, hold a more solid riding position and take bigger impacts buckling.

Not only will pull-ups help increase your ability to hold on, they will dramatically improve your riding in other ways too.

Squats are king of strength movements. Using the big muscle groups around the hips and legs as well as involving the core means crossover to riding is phenomenal.