Andy Barlow

A long, hard slog may feel like an investment in your fitness but polarising your riding between easy and intense can pay bigger dividends.

Thrive don't survive this winter. A guide to having fun in the mud. Technique, bike set-up, body set-up, clothes, route planning and recovery.

Downhill switchbacks can catch you out if you go in unprepared. Here are some of the best (and worst) approaches to take.

how to pump track

The backbone of modern mountain biking, pumping is an oft-overlooked opportunity to exploit the trails. Andy from Dirt School tells us how to pump track.

Chocks away! For this skills lesson we focus on learning how to jump on a mountain bike and how to maintain a safe cruising altitude.

how to ride faster

Everyone wants to know how to ride faster. Employ this simple traffic light system to increase your pace and get maximum thrills from every trail.

As the trails become slicker, the roots shinier and the puddles deeper, now’s the time to take a leap forwards in confidence come spring.

The real advantage here is getting the traction while you are still on the ground. Going light over the obstacle is second to making sure you have the traction on…

We’ll look at how the advice is taken out of context and applied in a rigid and off-balance way resulting in a loss of control. We can also show that…