Andy Barlow

Andy Barlow

Want to improve your riding? Andy Barlow is the man to help. As a qualified British Cycling Level 3 mountain bike skills coach, he’s also a partner and coach at Dirt School, the famed MTB skills coaching company based in the Tweed Valley in Scotland. Through that, he’s coached some of the best mountain bikers in the world, and is great at sharing pro technique with everyday riders.

His own accomplishments are impressive too. He was the 2009 Scottish and GB cross country mountain bike champion, winner of the 2007 Trans Scotland race in the solo category, and Scottish Junior Downhill mountain bike champion in 1997.

He’s also a qualified BASP (British Association of Ski Patrollers) Emergency Outdoor first aider, and a qualified MBLA (Mountain Bike Leadership Awards) Mountain Bike Leader. Handy, if mountain adventures on bikes are your thing!

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