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KS Lev Integra


KS LEV Integra seatpost post review

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The KS LEV Integra is Kind Shock’s (KS) new stealth option. Like all KS dropper posts it’s cable operated and now comes with a black upper shaft, rather than the gold on the previous model. It’s available in 100, 125 and 150mm drop, with the latter costing an extra £40. There’s also a 27.2mm-diameter post in a 100mm drop for £300.

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KS’s familiar stubby remote lever is included with the post. It has a split clamp for ease of installation and, like all KS levers, is lock-on grip compatible — although it works just as well if you run another brand of grip, or want to position the lever further inboard.

KS Lev bar remote

KS also offers the under-bar Southpaw remote as an option for £35, and if you’re running a single ring this is highly recommended.

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One of the things we notice about all KS posts is the minimal play. KS has developed a patented roller-clutch bearing, and this all but eliminates any fore/aft and twisting movements.

The action is smooth and consistent, although we have experienced quite a few issues with the post sticking down, especially when it was left in the dropped position for a prolonged period. To reactivate it, we had to slam down hard on the saddle, or manually pull the post to full extension.

KS Lev dropper connection

We’ve had this issue on previous KS posts, and, while it functions normally once it’s moving, our test sample has been a particularly stubborn customer in this respect. We think the issue is a combination of the seat clamp being too tight, causing it to bind, and maybe a bit of dirt getting into the mechanism at the bottom of the post.

Apart from this irritating sticky issue, the KS Lev Integra is smooth, doesn’t rattle, comes in a range of options and has a relatively low ride height for the amount of drop. It’s also great value and a reasonable weight.

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Weight:552 grams
Diameters:30.9 and 31.6mm
Drops:100, 125, 150mm