The Troy Lee Designs A2 is an improvement on the original design from one of mountain biking's coolest brands

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Troy Lee Designs A2



  • Comfortable, effective and secure
  • Far more breathable than the A1


  • minimal adjustment


Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet review


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Troy Lee’s first open face helmet was the A1, and it’s fair to say it gave the trail category a much needed wake-up call.

It is high performance, looks ace but it isn’t that well vented and you get a bit sweaty wearing one, especially at the neck.

No such problem with the new A2 — it has massive air vents, which are 25 per cent larger, putting this helmet easily in the top three when it comes to breathability.

To reduce odour, Troy Lee has added some X-Static pads, and beneath those is a MIPS liner, which reduces the effect of rotational forces to the brain.

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To further enhance protection, the A2 gets a dual-density EPS, with the denser material in the impact zones.

Like the A1, the peak has minimal adjustment, so you can’t store a pair of goggles underneath, but it does come with breakaway bolts in case of a crash.

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It’s not as snug and feels less supportive than the A1, but the fit is excellent and the better ventilation means we’d wear one year round, not just in the winter.


Sizes:XS/S, M/L, L/XL