The DMR Bikes Deathgrip is a great grip at a great price

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DMR Bikes Deathgrip


DMR Bikes Deathgrip review


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DMR has worked with downhill racer Brendan Fairclough to bring you a signature grip called the Deathgrip. It features three grip surfaces, a single lock-on collar on the inboard side of the grip, and an internal taper to ensure a slip-free fit on the handlebar — just make sure you tap the grip on fully when installing.

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The DMR Bikes Deathgrip comes in soft and hard compounds; the latter is available in gum colour only. DMR is also using an eccentric design, which means there is more rubber underneath your palm than your fingers. This offset design helps take the sting out of impacts but does mean you’ll need to spend a bit of time tweaking the position so that the waffle portion of the grip and thicker rubber sits in the right place, I chose to have just the tips of my fingers reaching the waffle.

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I did wonder at first how much benefit would be gained by the different grip surfaces, but many enjoyable miles later and I can’t say anything bad about this grip. The mushroom portion has a real purpose — in the past, a week of downhill riding has left me with soreness at the base of my thumbs, but with the ribbed mushroom there’s tons more cushioning. The lack of an outer collar meant I didn’t suffer soreness on the heel of my palms, either.

The hard rubber compound has lasted very well, and I never felt grip to be an issue at all, but on intense runs I would have chosen the softer compound with its extra cushioning. All told a great grip, at a great price.


Weight:100 grams
Colours:black, tango, camo, gum