One of the more unusual flat pedals out there

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Specialized Boomslang flat pedal


Specialized Boomslang flat pedal review


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With its unique design, the ultra-thin Boomslang is one of the more unusual flat pedals out there.

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The alloy platform puts the larger inner bearing tight up against the crank arm, and uses a small ‘trapdoor’ to access the hidden outboard bearing. This allows the pedal to be as low profile as possible, yet it’s still concave enough to ensure your foot stays well planted.

The slim body is just 10mm thick in the centre. This keeps the rider’s weight low to increase stability, and
there’s a sense of really being in, rather than on, the bike when stood up.

To keep shoes fixed, undercut pedal studs are specially shaped to better hook into soles, and the resulting grip level is pretty amazing. The pins thread in from the back for easy replacement too, with four spares cleverly stored in the platform.

My wide, size 43, Five Ten Impact shoes don’t rub or press on the inside bearing housing, but I can’t vouch for bigger or smaller shoes. Bearing life, anodising and overall quality is excellent, offering at least as long a service interval as pedals like the DMR Vault and Nukeproof Horizon.

Some cranks will need an extra pedal washer to allow free spinning, which is no big deal, so the only real argument against Specialized’s pedal is that it’s simply too grippy — shoes don’t always default to your perfect riding position.

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This means that when repositioning after a corner or dab, you can get stuck out of place more often than the two pedals above, as the Boomslang seems to have a slightly more specific location for your foot. Still, once locked in, shoe stability is exceptional, and this small issue hasn’t stopped me rocking the pedal on my main bike for months now.


Colours:Green Ano or Black