Kirk Pacenti opens up a hole new world of possibilities with his new stem and bar design.

A new bar and stem combination has been released that will allow users to fit a stem shorter than 30mm without adding to stack height.

The PDent system adds a dimple in the centre of the bar that allows it to wrap around the steerer tube, bringing it closer to the rider and allowing for a shorter stem.

This is the first stem shorter than 30 mm that does not come with a height penalty, such as the 10mm Mondraker Forward Geometry system.


If the patent is successful, Pacenti could license the idea to other brands

The PDent follows trends in the bike industry, pioneered by the likes of Chris Porter, that hopes to bring longer wheelbases and wider bars. A shorter stem allows you to maximize these two while keeping the reach the same.

The recess will cover bikes with head angles between 63 and 69 degrees and will still allow for some rotation of the bars for the best fit.

The PDent should help on  steep terrain

The PDent should help on steep terrain

Pacenti will begin production with a 25 mm stem, roughly a 5mm reduction on the current shortest conventional stem, but it accepts that the optimal stem length could be even shorter than this.

The dimple should not affect the strength of the bar either as Pascal’s testing demonstrates that stresses predominantly fall on the outside of the bar and at the stem clamps.

Stress diagram of a PDent handlebar

Stress diagram of a PDent handlebar

Production has begun and Pacenti is hoping to begin selling the bars later this year. No cost has been announced yet, but expect it to be priced in line with other carbon bars and machined stems.

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