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    Have the go ahead to buy a bike with turbo type resistance trainer for work. I don't think they will spare us a huge budget and to be honest beings it will be offshore it won't be going offroad or anywhere for that matter! Do you know of any good cheap bikes with trainers? Sold as a pack sort of a thing? Can get it ordered and keep the legs moving while away from the real thing then.
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    Re: Training

    Erm.... an excercise bike springs to mind

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    Re: Training

    How about The Bremshey Cardio Plus S exercise bike?

    I can't believe how cheaply these guys are doing this one. I bought a Bremshey Sport Plus S in 2008 for 400 and that was in the sale! The bike looks identical and it has a very similar spec. I bought mine because I was having a lot of problems with my back at the time and had difficulty walking. I could ride a bike, but I needed something that wouldn't fall over! This thing is solidly built!

    It will certainly get you sweating. It has a varied range of programs that simulate hills, flats etc. The pulse sensor is triggered when you grip the handlebars. It's great fun to see how high you can get your heart rate and for how long you can keep it there!

    It does not come with the towel you will need to drape over the bars and display to catch the sweat.

    Now my back is fine, I rarely use it except maybe when the weather has been foul for weeks and I've got the need to "feel the burn".
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    Re: Training

    Measuring your power output is instructive too. Puts it in perspective when you're generating about 220watts going flat out and you hear Mark Cavendish talking about delivering 1600 watts in the last half mile of his sprints on the Tour de France (having already covered 100 miles plus!). inadequate am I!! I know his bike is more efficient than an exercise bike, but I think his body must be rather more effficient than mine too!

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