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Thread: orange 5 chain line

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    orange 5 chain line

    Hi, ive just got a 2010 Orange 5 Pro with 32 Talas 150mm fit forks & a maxel rear end. My question concerns the chain line, ive just ordered a Gamut duel chain device as used on the Alpine 160 and want to run 22-34 or 36 chain rings the problem is Orange state a standard 50mm chain line with 22-32-44 is required. Can you let me know if i can run a 34 or 36 middle ring ? i ride a lot in wales & prefer this set up but would find myself under geard with a 32 middle ring. Many thanks Trevor

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    Re: orange 5 chain line

    I have exactly the setup you describe. You can run a 34T chainring (not sure about a 36) with the Gamut but you have to put an extra spacer in the drive side of the bottom bracket (so you have the chain device boomerang + 1 spacer). Obviously this affects the chainline slightly but not by much as the boomerang on the Gamut is very thin. I actually think it gives a slightly better chainline for a double setup and haven't notived any problems with the gears. Without the extra spacer then the chain catches on the bottom of the swingarm (below the pivot) when shifting gear.

    One word of warning about the Gamut though: it is not the strongest chain device in the world. As I've said before the boomerang is very thin and I managed to bend mine after the first couple of rides, and properly mangle it after a few more. I do most of my riding in the Peaks though so it is regularly being bashed off of rocks. I hammered the boomerang flat (or as close as I could get) and haven't had any problems with it since. I also managed to crack the bash ring last week

    The Gamut does it's job fantastically though, I've certainly had no issues with chain loss even in its current mangled/cracked state. However, if like me you regularly find yourself smacking into rocks chainguide first then you may want to look at something like the e13 DRS. The only issue I could see with using something else is that a thicker boomerang will affect chainline even more when you put in the spacer to use a larger chainring.

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    Re: orange 5 chain line

    thanks for the reply Qtip. it was the clearance on the swingarm that worried me so will run the spacers as you advised. one more thing which chainset are you running? my 5 came with the race face evolve

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    Re: orange 5 chain line

    Got an SLX on mine at the moment (I bought the 5 as frame-only).

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    Re: orange 5 chain line

    Hi guys, I read your thread with interest as I have just taken delivery of my new 2011 5 with 10 speed. Just fitted gamut chain device and gonna change mddle ring from 32 to 34 or maybe 36 tooth. Reckon it will be mighty close to swingarm mount as you say so what is this spacer you recommmend? I'm new to this hollowtech 2 business so wondered if you could give me any more info on this before I spend any more hard earned :-) My gamut is bolted directly to the new iscg mounts by the way!

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    Re: orange 5 chain line

    hi nmphillips and welcome to the forum, thats quite a bike you have there.

    i think the spacers your looking for are the thin black o ring spacers which go between the frame and the b/b.

    if you have a close look at your bike you should see them on the chain side, obviously the more you put in the further the chain rings will move away from your frame, however if you put to may in your front mech wont work properly.

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