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Thread: New wheelset.

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    New wheelset.

    I've got around 200 to buy a new wheelset and cassette for my Spesh FSR XC Comp. Not a lot of money admittedly, but it's all I've got. What do I buy?

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    Re: New wheelset.

    That's tough....
    I'd certainly skimp on the cassette this time round and spend as much as I can on the wheels as you are not really going to wear them
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    Re: New wheelset.

    XT hubs, Mavic XM819 rims, double butted spokes and brass nipples topped off with an XT cassette should just come in on budget if you shop around.

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    Re: New wheelset.

    Can't do much better than that!

    then you'll need new UST tyres
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