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Thread: Show us your workshop

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    Re: Show us your workshop

    so do I, I meet them from Tim to Tim......
    do you see what I did there?!
    Beat me to it

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    Re: Show us your workshop

    Do you feel that they are robbin' you of your individuality then?
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    Re: Show us your workshop


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    Re: Show us your workshop

    work shop set up in a cluttered conservatory!

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    Re: Show us your workshop

    Here's mine...

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    Includes christmas tree stand and surprisingly no beers at the mo


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    Unfortunately I can't find any pics of our workshop, and I'm 65 miles away from it atm. I can however describe a single car garage with (I think) 11 bikes crammed into it (not all mine... actually only one of the complete bikes is mine, another is in bits but not enough bits to complete, and the last is more there if I want it than mine).
    As well as that we have managed to cram in a reasonable sized lathe, pretty large mechanical hacksaw, shaping machine, mill, (very small) furnace, compressor (older than me but still trying hard... actually its probably younger than most of the machinery, but industrial vs home mechanic stuff...) as well as all the usual hand tools (ok, more than usual, [i think] between 4 and 7 makita cordless drills might give you an idea). there are cupboards full of tools, filing cabinets full of various parts, and a loft with... more crap than i know about. In reality actually working on a bike means bringing it out into the front garden/driveway, and there's just enough room for one person to operate the heavy machinery really (if they mind their head). Most of the bikes are stored as high up as possible, though 4 just have to be positioned next to what you don't need to use, one of which is clamped in our home-made work stand (its not like we haven't got the facilities to make that kind of thing ) which needs some redesign that I haven't got round to yet, for ease of use.

    And I may be new but I have noticed that there are certain compulsory items for such an area. We also have a fridge and a freezer for beer and meat respectively.

    I'll try to remember pics next time I'm back there this weekend. And we're not trying to build the next hope or orange, my Dad's a machinist and I'm a qualified mechanical engineer, if that offers any explanation as to the unique nature of our garage.

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    Ok I forgot..

    2012-06-11 11.42.09.jpg

    There are white goods in there, if you can spot them.
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    If you spot an adjustable spanner, let me know!
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    No white goods aloud !

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